(Monitor Colors may vary slightly)

Original: acrylic on canvas
I7mage size: 15"x30"

Reservoir Street, Placerville, California


Mostly an alley, but the sign says Reservoir Street.  We call it an entrance to Kathy’s Courtyard Café and it used to be our path to an evening of dancing at the Round Tent Supper Club.  My girlfriend, Billie, stopped to look at something and I clicked the camera.  How could I not put this down on canvas?  On a path with Billie to good food and a bit of dancing.  What else is there?



Hand Crafted Wood Frame by Artist

The frames are made of non-endangered hardwood; milled, assembled, finished & matted by the Artist in a small shop in Placerville, California.

Planed boards are milled, mitered, splined with biscuits & glued. The frame is sanded, stained with red mahogany & two coats of sanding sealer are applied. Once again, the frame is sanded, followed by lacquer color coats; black on the edges; dark walnut on the face of the frame. It is finished with two coats of clear lacquer. The frame is then hand-rubbed with extra fine steel wool to achieve a satin finish.

The prints are mounted behind clear glass framed by double acid-free mats. Acid free foam core & a dust cover complete the assembly. The back has a pocket applied to house the Certificate of Authenticity which comes with each print. A wire for hanging the frame is attached.

Each frame is unique & because these frames are hand crafted from natural wood & are not a man made laminated veneer finish, there will be slight imperfections adding character to the whole piece.

If imperfections will disturb you, perhaps you would prefer to purchase a print & have your local frame shop take it from there. In either case it is my sincerest hope that you will be satisfied.



All prints are on Somerset Velvet, 100% rag paper.

Return Policy:  Money back, if piece is returned within seven days.


Limited Edition giclee prints available.
Edition Size: 95 Signed and Numbered by Artist
                 Image Size: 13" X 26"       Price: $165.00         


With hand crafted wood frame by Artist,
outer dimension approximately 21-3/4" x 35" 
                                        Price: $414.70                          

Limited Edition framed giclee prints available.
Edition Size: 950, Signed and Numbered by Artist
Image Size: 6"x12"              

With hand crafted wood frame by Artist, outer dimension approximately 12" x 18"
Certificate of Authenticity Label with Artists Signature on back.
Price: $125.00 each


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